Ep. 068 “Dadman and Robin”


With Josh out of town, the dynamic duo of Ben and Dan tackle a subject that only they can – parenthood. It’s a parents guide to geekdom, with talk of Superman the Movie, Batman ’66, comics, cartoons and healthy tangents on comics as a medium, superheroes as a genre and the failures of modern DC properties on screen.

There’s redemption for Spider-Gwen as Ben and Dan unanimously sing the praises of Edge of Spider-Verse #2 in Top ‘o the Pile and then team up with the decidedly un-kid-friendly selection of Fury MAX for our Can ‘o Beans. Whether you have kids or not, there’s something for everyone in this dad-tastic new episode.

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Music in this episode by: Everclear, Neal Hefti

Ep. 067 “No Girls Allowed”

It’s a return to pre-reboot continuity as Ben and Josh hold down the fort with an old school episode.  First up in Top o’ the Pile, we wrap up Spider-Verse and touch on new ongoings for Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen. The comics world can’t get enough of these spider-ladies, but neither can muster up any interest from Nason.

Later we talk God Hates AstronautsSpider-Man & the X-Men and ask how long to keep a title on the fence before dropping it. Ben gushes about Hickman’s Avengers. Josh makes a date with DC. We discuss Daredevil and other upcoming small screen debuts. Fortunes are made. Dreams are realized. Many a Can O’ Beans is eaten on another all-new episode of the Near Mint Comic Show

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Music in this episode by: Aretha Franklin, Weezer

Ep. 066 “Reboots Are Made For Talkin”


With our own reboot just 3 fortnights in the rearview, the boys settle in to dissect Marvel’s Universe-obliterating plans for Secret Wars, Battleworld and beyond. On the D.C. side of the street (soon-to-be side of the country). We brace changes and inevitable slate-wiping in Convergence. Do reboots help sales? Entice new readers? Offer fertile stories? Or just give us something to whine about.

All this, plus a Can o’ Beans that Includes Rick Remender, Howard the Duck and SO much Carnage. Listen now, while this episode is still in-continuity.

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Music in this episode by: Tegan & Sara, Redbone
Intro-drop credit: How It Should Have Ended

Ep. 065 “Men out of Time”


Time-travel shenanigans continue as we launch into part 2 of our (don’t call it a) comeback episode. Ben and Dan get the party started with a Chew and pre-New 52 Detective Comics at the Top o’ the Pile. Josh returns from the world’s longest dog walk to join us for TV & Movie talk, including Agent Carter, Gotham and the MASSIVE slate of upcoming films from both Marvel and DC.

All this plus a big ol’ Can o’ Beans to round things out. The Near Mint train is back on the tracks and rolling right along so get onboard!

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Music in this episode by: Hozier

Ep. 064 “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

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We’re BAAAAAACK! Rising from the ashes, The Near Mint Comic Show returns  – with a new format, a new lineup and a new lease on it’s podcasting life.

SupermanWhat’s Ben’s been reading the past year? How did Josh become the resident DC expert? What’s a Can o’ Beans? These questions and more  are answered in this triumphant return episode. Want to know more. Download and listen!

Music in this episode by: LL Cool J

Four Reasons I Don’t Care About The New Captain America

New Captain America - marvel

In case you missed it, Marvel announced that on Monday, a new Captain America will be announced.  As a lifelong Cap fan, I was asked what I thought of the news which became this very blog you’re reading.

It’s no surprise.

After making a Helicarrier full of money for Disnarvel, Captain America 2 is now out of most theaters, set for DVD release in mid-August. Now is the time to get Steve Rogers out of the suit and tinker with stories that they normally wouldn’t try telling when the marketing push is on for a movie. We just witnessed this entire cycle with Spider-Man and it’s happening with Wolverine in like a month as well. I expect that by the release of Avengers 2 next year, Steve is back in the suit.

I’m disappointed.

Why? Because they already pulled off installing a new Captain America the LAST time they took him out of the suit and we were getting BuckyCap stories. Both Marvel and DC disappointed me with how quickly they turned their back on the passing of the baton to the sidekicks. Both companies were doing interesting things with BuckyCap and Dick Grayson-Batman but just as the two were starting to get some traction and readers were believing that this could actually be the new status quo, they both switched back depriving fans of an era of Batman and Captain America stories that we have never experienced and may never get the chance to going forward just to stay in line with the marketing campaign.

Who could it be?

I haven’t been reading anything Captain America related for a while I admit, so I don’t know who they might be considering for the suit other than the obvious: the son of Arnim Zola that Steve raised in Dimension Z or whatever that story was that John Romita, Jr. was illustrating (I can read wikipedia just like anyone else). I find it weird because it would make sense (to me) to keep things in line with where the movies could potentially be headed.

My expectation is that Chris Evans may be done playing Cap in the movies as soon as Avengers 3 is finished shooting, but Sebastian Stan is signed for like 7 more films beyond that (or something). It would make sense to swap in Bucky in the films over Avengers 2 and Cap 3 and then move on with BuckyCap stories. But it would be weird for them to go back to BuckyCap in the comics since they already did that.

You know, the stories might be good.

Nothing that I have stated means that these won’t be good stories. I can’t say whether this is a good idea or a bad idea until I’ve read the stories. Marvel has been telling Captain America stories since 1941, and you gotta mix things up every once in a while.

What do you think?

Dan Larson is the creator behind the online comic Stick-Man and other endeavors. Connect with him on Facebook.

Comic Book Club MAY’14: Guardians of the Galaxy


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It’s time for some space-faring, cosmic superhero adventure in the May 2014 edition of the  The All-New, All-Different Near Mint Comic Book Club – where each month we take an in-depth look at one comic selection. This month the spotlight is on:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel, 2008)
by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning (w) with Paul Pelletier (p) Rick Magyar (i) and Nathan Fairbairn (c)

With their big screen debut, just a month away, we take a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy, as introduced by Abnett & Lanning on the heels of Annihilation: Conquest. We break down some of the far-out characters and concepts, sing the praises of Paul Pelletier and delve into tangents on bronze age creators and the wonders of Marvel Cosmic. Then it’s back to earth with a look ahead to the upcoming summer blockbuster, set to hit theaters on August 1.

Music in this episode by: War, Beastie Boys

Comic Book Club is dedicated to: The Bill Mantlo Support Fund
hero_logo_colorThis month, we depart for our usual Hero Initiative plug to call attention to a specific creator in need. Writer Bill Mantlo gave us some amazing creations during his all-too-brief career, including  ROM, Micronauts and most-notably Rocket Racoon – who will make his film debut in this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In 1992, Bill was struck by a hit-and-run driver and left incapacitated. Members of the comics community are answering the call and we hope you’ll join us in rallying support for Bill’s ongoing care.
Donate to the Bill Mantlo Support Fund at: http://bit.ly/1fCitYF


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