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Episode 2 – “Kirkmania!”

Everyone in comics is talking about the “Kirkman Manifesto” and we couldn’t wait to get in on the discussion.  In a special edition of Ben & Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show, the boys sit down to discuss Robert Kirkman’s mission statement, their reactions, and what it says about the state of comics.

Ben & Josh are moving but the Podcasts keep rolling …

With both of us moving in the next week, we knew it might be a while before we could get back “in the studio” so we released this conversation as it’s own Episode.  We’ll be following up with another full-length Episode in the next couple weeks featuring news, reviews, and a look ahead upcoming releases.


The first podcast is uploaded!

The first episode of Ben and Josh’s Near Mint Comic Show is now LIVE on ITunes and Switchpod! Rejoice!

Topics Include:

-Who are Ben and Josh?

-A discussion of our week’s pull list and what we’re excited/not excited to read.

-Some recent Top Picks of ours.

-Plenty of witty banter and side notes!

Click here to listen via ITunes or Libsyn.